‘Dockside’ at Sproat Lake

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a zoning change?

Absolutely not, the site is zoned C6 and will remain C6 zoning.

Is there even enough room to build Condo’s between the Lake and Lakeshore road?

Yes, we have surveys and designs which adhere to all set back requirements. There is a building envelop already established in this area.

Doesn’t the area between the road and the Lake flood?

Yes, the area in-front of all lake front residences floods or has the potential to flood. The lake-front condominiums we are building will fall within the building code set-backs which include height requirements above high water marks avoiding the risk of flooding.

How will parking of cars be addressed?

We have room for parking that exceeds the code requirements which apply to all businesses within the ACRD authority. Also, parking will be professionally managed and controlled with time allotments and permit requirements.

Will there be areas for the general public to park?

Yes, we have included parking around the commercial space for the public to stop and visit the Store and the Lake.

Will there be a boat launch facility?

There will not be a motorized boat launch facility put in place. We envision future improvement of the public access areas to make it easier to launch non-motorized watercraft into the lake.

What will the convenience store be like?

We’d like to offer a small provisioning store carrying everyday products focusing on island suppliers. A place where people will be able to shop for their stay at the lake or locals will be able to pick up items for convenience.

Are there going to be public washrooms?

Yes. We have plans for multiple washrooms to be accessible to the general public on site. In the past we have offered washroom facilities in the convenience store and in addition we built multiple washroom facilities for women and men which could be accessed from outside the convenience store.

What other amenities are you proposing?

Besides a convenience store, increased and controlled parking we see the site as catering to cyclists, hikers and non-motorized watercraft enthusiast. With public washrooms, bike racks, picnic tables, handicap parking the entire experience will be enhanced for visitors and residents.

Will the new development restrict public access to Sproat Lake?

In the proposed development much attention has been given to increasing and improving public access and convenience.

Will the condos and cabins be sold?

At this point we expect some units to be sold and some to be retained. There are no established price points at this time.

Are the units restricted to seasonal use, can they be rented?

There are no seasonal restrictions on the units. They may be occupied permanently or per the current C6 zoning, (which will not change) and they may be rented out on a short term or long term basis.

What happens if the increase in more units doesn’t get approved?

We have spent considerable time researching and communicating with people who share our love for the lake. We believe our development plan provides the look, ambiance and life style desired. If for some reason approval to proceed is not forthcoming we would likely need to move forward with the larger, taller single family dwellings. This would not be our preferred choice or the direction our research suggests we take.