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Klehkoot Marina has proudly served local and visiting water sport enthusiasts on beautiful Sproat Lake, Port Alberni since the mid 1900’s.  It is owned and operated by the Casavant family since 2003.   The time has come to make improvements and expand the Marina for continued enjoyment of the lake and our facility.  (Please read Our Story)

Klehkoot Marina is located on Sproat Lake which is overseen by the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) and the Casavant family has been working with the ACRD to meet requirements to enable us to move forward with our proposed changes.

We are in the middle of the approval process and although the Regional District Staff supports our requested changes they need to know that the general public and home owners in Port Alberni and around Sproat Lake also support us.  Please support us  or contact us if you have questions or comments.

There is considerable thought and detail behind requests and approvals.  (Our full application can be viewed on the Marina Expansion Application Page).  For a quick overview they can be categorized as Land Based and Water Based Improvements and Benefits.

Water Based Improvements:

Rezoning application to expand the Marina from ~75 boat slips to ~150 boat slips.  Historically there is an average of 35 boaters on our wait list.

Land Based Improvements:

The full parcel of land is split in 2 by Lakeshore Drive.  We are proposing up to 10 condominiums (5 down and 5 up) on the water side and 10 cabins on the property across Lakeshore Drive.  The plan has also considered adjacent properties owned by the Ministry of Highways to eventually be developed to provide amenities for the public such as picnic and park areas and lake access for swimmers.

Some benefits to the Marina Expansion will have on the community

  1. The MAR2 Zone expansion will allow for more local residents and visitors to the Alberni Valley to enjoy Sproat Lake and other recreational activities the Valley has to offer.
  2. It will lessen the impact to the Provincial Park boat launch located approximately three kilometers east of the MAR2 Zone
  3. Facilitates a wide variety of opportunities for economic activity and employment within the Alberni Valley.
  4. Facilitates the establishment and operation of small‐scale commercial development that is compatible with Sproat Lake’s predominantly rural character.
  5. Provides for continued social and economic growth in the area.
  6. Facilitate the provision of safe, affordable rental housing within the area.
  7. Preserves the rural character of the area while minimizing conflict between different land uses.
  8. Provide a diverse economy, based on environmental and cultural tourism as well as more traditional resource activities.
  9. Encourage tourism and other economic development opportunities.
  10. Increase boat storage providing better and safer lake access to residents and visitors to Sproat Lake.
  11. Maintains the current fuel operational providing an essential service to all lake users.
  12. Potential creation of additional lake access points.
  13. Potential creation and maintenance of a small park & picnic area.
  14. Installation of bike racks encouraging various modes of transportation around the lake.
  15. Creation of designated Public parking area where none currently exists.
  16. Creation of a safe protected public swimming area separate from power boats and Marina operations.
  17. Potential improvement of the current access area to allow for the ingress and egress of small non-motorized navigational watercraft think kayaks, canoes, paddle boards etc.
  18. Allow for a range of housing options around the lake.
  19. Promotes the continued revitalization of the commercial area on the Lake.
  20. Encourages neighborhood parks in the vicinity of denser residential uses, nature parks adjacent to rivers and scenic areas.


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